• Pre-purchase Conditions reports – This is a report commissioned by a prospective purchaser prior to buying a property to determine the condition of it.
  • Snag Lists – This is a list of work items to be completed on a newly built structure. It usually occurs prior to the purchase.
  • Site Inspections & mortgage certification – Inspections carried out during the course of works to enable draw down of mortgages.
  • Health & safety design (PSDP) – A preliminary safety and health plan prior to works beginning on site.
  • Site boundaries & mapping – The checking of site boundaries to ensure they are in the correct location and the marking of land registry maps.
  • Dilapidations report – This a report on the condition of a commercial premises prior to entering into a lease. It records the exact condition of the building or premises which is then compared to the condition of the building or premises at the end of the lease to determine the works required to reinstate the building to its former condition.


These checks and reports provide vital information to the prospective purchaser and their solicitor on matters of the condition of a property, issues concerning boundaries, issues on unauthorised development and health & safety. They will provide the solicitor and purchasers with the information needed to ask the necessary questions before entering an agreement to purchase a property or to highlight any serious defects.
Similarly, the checks and reports will provide the prospective vendor with the information needed to enable the property to be transformed into a compliant property in a good condition and in ample time for the works, if any, to be carried out in an organised fashion.