Building Regulations

  • Fire safety certificate applications (apartments and commercial developments mentioned above)
  • Disability Access Certificate applications (all commercial developments)
  • BCMS (Building Control Management System) (Assigned Certifier role, Commencement Notice, Certification of compliance with building regulations)


I have extensive experience in obtaining fire safety certificates, disability access certificates and dealing with the Building Control Management System in relation to serving commencement notices, inspection of works and certification of those works. All 3 of these items will be dealt with on most projects but there are certain works which are exempted or have a lower compliance requirement. Each project will be judged on its own merits taking into account the type of construction methods, the floor area and height of any structure, the use of the proposed structure, the number of people that will be using the facility, safe access and egress, the risks involved in the works etc. The applications for these certificates can run parallel to the planning process but all must be in place at the appropriate time for the project to be successful. Again, good communication and organisation is required to ensure a project runs smoothly, within budget and on time.